Impact and Sustainability

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Impact and Sustainability

Our Focus on sustainability -Ed Partners Strives in making a difference in the Education sector by promoting access to   quality and affordable Education through our financial and Non-financial products and services under Economic, Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects

Welcome to ED Partners Africa: Transforming Generation, Sustaining Impact

Economic Impact

  1. Financial Inclusion for Affordable Private Schools:
    • Focused on providing financial and non-financial solutions to affordable private schools in Kenya.
    • Tailored loan products to meet the financial needs of excluded groups: women school directors, affordable schools, and persons with disabilities (PWD).
    • Comprehensive value chain targeting the entire education ecosystem including Junior Secondary School.
  2. Sustainable Financing Solutions:
    • Innovative loan offerings, including School Development Loan, School WASH Loan, School Renewable Energy Loan, and School Technology Loans for financing ICT Labs.
    • Commitment to designing appropriate products and delivery channels to avoid harm to clients.
  3. SDG Alignment:
    • Committed to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
    • SDG 4: Promoting quality education.
    • SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth.
    • SDG 9: Innovation and Growth.
    • SDG 17: Partnership for growth.

Social Impact

  1. Outreach
    • Impacting the Education by promoting affordable quality education through improved learning environment .
    • Global Impact, Schools Over 400 schools, Over 120,000 learners, Over 5000 Teachers 52% women 52% female learners 30% rural .
  2. Poverty Exclusivity
    • Women School Directors - 52% percent of our loan portfolio comprises of women
    • Persons with Disabilities - Ed Partners Supports persons with disabilities in the educational ecosystem, both in terms of school infrastructure and access to financial support. (PWD)
  3. Depth Impact
    • Our product/service solutions improve the quality of education and is linked to proven improved educational outcomes through improved learning environment .
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Environmental Impact

  1. Zero Emission Commitment
    • Dedicated to environmental responsibility with a commitment to zero emissions.
    • Engaged in strategic partnerships to stay abreast of international best practices both in the education ecosystem and ED Partners Africa Ltd.
    • Financing options like WASH Loan and Renewable Energy Loan contribute to environmental sustainability.

Governance Impact

  1. Financial Strength and Leadership
    • First provider of financial services to affordable private schools in the market.
    • Consistent financial performance building confidence among shareholders and industry.
  2. Regulatory Compliance
    • Committed to compliance with local and international financial regulations
    • Upholding industry standards in governance and financial practices.

Our Employees

Our staff is the cornerstone of our strength. We prioritize the ongoing development of our team, fostering a culture rooted in the Ed Partners Africa Ltd ethos of being easier, faster, and better, aspiring to be recognized among the best workplaces. Equally crucial, we actively promote workplace equality, implementing policies that specifically address gender and marginalized groups. This commitment not only upholds principles of fairness but also contributes to the sustainability and viability of our business.

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