We believe that education teaches us to learn. This is a transformative process and experience for every child. Our ambition is to ensure access to world-class education, so that a confident, compassionate and clear-thinking young adult passes out from school, ready to realize his or her full potential. With more than 15 million school going population, around 40%- 50% of the enrolled children prefer private schools over government school and this trend is increasing every year. Ed Partners Africa works with entrepreneurs who have launched schools, tuitions, training centers, or other educational activities focused on Kenya’s underserved population. By providing access to world-class education innovations and resources, Ed Partners Africa helps these entrepreneurs transform their learning environments and outcomes and expand their enterprise to better serve more students. Access to capital is one of the most important requirements of school owners for addressing this gap. Money is needed to build additional classrooms, purchase desks, computers, to set up labs and library, etc. Unfortunately, most of the private schools find it very difficult to raise money from formal sources. Ed Partners Africa will aim to fill this gap by providing secured and unsecured loans to private schools serving the low-income population to improve the school quality and infrastructure

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Relationship Manager Head Office Sales May 31, 2021
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Ed Partners Africa understands the daily challenges and the busy schedule of a school owner. And so customizing and delivering these products and services are a band of relationship managers who visit the school, spend time with the leadership to ensure a smooth and convenient process.