Lydia Koros
Lydia is a co-founder of Ed Partners Africa. Prior to setting up Ed Partners Africa she served as the Managing Director of Faulu Kenya Deposit Taking Microfinance Limited from Aug ‘05 until Mar ‘10. Under her leadership, Faulu became the first MFI to be licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya as a DTM.
David FitzHerbert
David FitzHerbert is the co-founder of Ed Partners Africa and as a director, is involved in all aspects of the business. In particular, David specialises in microfinance investment opportunities in India and sub-Saharan Africa.
How can we help you?

Ed Partners Africa understands the daily challenges and the busy schedule of a school owner. And so customizing and delivering these products and services are a band of relationship managers who visit the school, spend time with the leadership to ensure a smooth and convenient process.